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isiFederal began as a question: why do so many companies keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and how can we help them develop the skills and strategic focus to succeed in the $500 Billion federal market?

We’ve come a long way since. Started by CEO David Lowe as an offshoot of  Uncommon Results, a Maryland-based business consultation firm dedicated to achieving uncommon levels of success in the toughest business scenarios, by the end of 2009 isiFederal LLC was firmly established as a separate entity wholly devoted to helping small- and medium-sized businesses win with the biggest customer on the planet–the Federal government of the United States.

Rooting for the Little Guy

We bring big-business federal development resources to small & medium businesses, providing them the competitive edge they need to beat the big guys and win government contracts. Our services include a specially designed federal intelligence process to identify key decision makers responsible for specific types of purchases, and a competitive analysis to pinpoint key federal people who are responsible for buying from your business competitors.

Selling to the government? You’ll want to hear what we have to say.


Get Smart Get Smart
How much of your tax dollars are going into your competitors’ pockets and who’s putting them there? Find out where the money really is and who’s in charge of spending it.
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Get Your Ticket Get Your Ticket
Your contract vehicle is your ticket to the federal market dance–and we can help you get one that doesn’t kill your profit margins.
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Develop Your Strategy Develop Your Strategy
We can help you navigate the vast, confusing maze that is the federal marketplace and create a plan that gets you where you need to be.
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Feet on the Street Feet on the Street
People buy from people they like, and they can’t like you if they don’t know you. We get your company in front of the right decision makers and contracting officers critical to your success.
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The Winning Edge The Winning Edge
We help manage the bid process from start to finish. Time is money and we save yours by finding out and focusing on winnable opportunities–including ones that don’t get posted.
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Why Choose Us?

Our Values
“Honesty” isn’t just a buzzword to us–it’s our business ethos. Our scrupulous standards and impeccable integrity ensure we deliver what we promise, because we take our promises seriously. In our book, there’s only one way to treat a customer with respect: don’t treat them like a cash till. You work hard for your money and if you don’t need to spend it, even if it’s on a service we provide, we’re not going to tell you otherwise. We’re not here to sell to you, we’re here to work with you. And that’s why we’re willing to share the risk.
Our Experience
CEO David Lowe has several decades of sales experience, including more than a decade of successfully tackling federal sales opportunities even during the recession and financial crisis that marked the 2000s. He’s no stranger to navigating rough waters. His expertise and salesmanship–highlights of which include booking nearly $12 million worth of new business in less than 2 years–combined with our thousands of agency contacts and a diverse client portfolio stretching across multiple industries, we know the world of federal contracting inside out. If we can’t find a way to help you, nobody can.
Our Service
We don’t just build bank accounts, we build relationships. We make it our business to get your business more business. Our dedicated team starts earlier to make sure we help you maximize your success and beat your competitors to the prize. When you work with us, you can be sure someone’s always got your back in the federal market.

We’ve Got People Talking

  • isiFederal’s process is exactly what we needed.  Organized, effective and now we have federal relationships that would have taken us years to develop.
  •  We really didn’t know what the market looked like or how we would be able to develop it.  isiFederal Market Essentials gave us exactly what we needed so we could go after the market that hits our sweet spot.
  •  After hearing Dave Lowe speak at the CPN conference we realized that we needed help.  isiFederal provided us with incredible intelligence with a clear plan and saved us countless hours in finding the right people. These guys know their stuff and are worth every cent.
  •  isiFederal finds things that we simply can’t find on our own.
  •  We wanted in the federal market and it is clear that isiFederal was the best path to success with minimal risk.
  • This is the best intelligence we have seen. 100% clarity into our market.
  • Isaac Haggins, Lakewood College
  • Jonathan Sandmel, Steady Networks
  • Grant Grasmick, Grasmick
  • John Ross, LINQ Services
  • Mike Morency, Peregrin
  • Tom Munson, Willams Scotsman

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