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Getting set-up for September right now is critical to your success.  You can’t wait until August either because buyers start to disappear because the workload increases 50%.  By September, the workload increases 200% and they are totally slammed.  What happens when they get slammed?  The companies that they know get preferential treatment…

1) Shorter Timelines for Bid Response. In the final weeks of September it is not uncommon to see 3 day, 2 day and even 24 hour response time on opportunities. We had one a few years back that was released on Sunday morning at 11am and due in 24 hours for $188k. We helped with the SOW and since the response was due by 11am Monday morning, the competition had no chance.

2) Thinning the Competition. When the rubber hits the road, CO’s look for a primary supplier and then send the solicitation to at least 3 vendors. Now, one is the primary who is most likely to win because they already know about the opportunity (see #1). How does this work? Well, if you have been doing your relationship building you have been working on several projects for the past several months and you have influence within the agency. This doesn’t just apply to incumbents either. That is why September is the BEST month for newcomers and growing your federal footprint if you are already a successful contractor.

3) Funky NAICS. Procurement determines how the opportunity will be released and they can choose how it will be posted. Most companies monitor a few NAICS that make the most sense for them. When September comes, CO’s often choose a strange NAICS so only a few (or one) vendor(s) are even aware it is out there. So, make sure you are watching for those hidden opportunities, some of them are really sweet and most of them never get seen by the competition.

This is the last session for 2019!

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