5 reasons 81% of contracts never hit FBO

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We all hear it from Contracting Officers… “We post everything on FBO.” Do they now, or is this a convenient blow-off?  In reviewing recent market intelligence in the

  1. Shortlisted between “Qualified” businesses.  Most contracting officers that have been around a while know the companies that perform well, even more importantly, the ones who don’t. Some ways Contracting Officers determine their shortlist include:
    1. Past performance
    1. Capabilities Briefing
    1. GSA contract holders by SIN
  2. “Choice of Two”. The FAR states that Set-asides for socio-economic programs can be made if:
    1. At least two qualified small businesses are likely to submit offers
    1. The contract can be awarded at a fair market price

This means Contracting Officers can compete between as little as two qualified small businesses within ANY socio-economic category – WOSB, VOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZone or 8(a).

  • Under $25,000. The FAR states “For proposed contract actions expected to exceed $15,000, but not expected to exceed $25,000, by displaying in a public place, or by any appropriate electronic means”. This means Contracting Officers can place the requirement on a bulletin board in a common area within their office. If you are not there, or you don’t know the contracting officer, you never see it.
  • Micro Purchases. The new P-card (purchase card) threshold is $10,000 and some of the 200,000 employees have authority to spend over $100k.
  • Existing Contract Vehicles. BPA calls and IDIQ Task Orders are only circulated within the holders of these vehicles. In many cases, BPAs and IDIQs are single award and are used for repetitive purchases. If you have a great relationship with a contracting officer within a specific agency, you can ask him or her to execute a BPA using your best pricing. What do you have to lose?

In all of these cases knowing the people responsible for purchasing is critical to your success. isiFederal is the leader in federal intelligence and proactive federal marketing. We have over 1.2 Million federal contacts, 70,000 active federal buyers AND we know who buys what you sell.  We don’t stop there. isiFederal can get your company in front of federal decision makers within the next 60 days. We do this for fortune 500 companies, and we can do it for you… Call 888-943-8474 (888-9-GET-isi) and we will get your proactive federal marketing program going today!

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