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When you call buyers, be quick.  They are really busy and if you actually get them on the phone, make it worth their while.

Remind them who you are and how you can help.

Give them 1 core competency to think about while you have them on the phone and tell them to “Remember” your company when they see that ONE core competency.

Ask if they need any information that would help them with developing the solicitation.

Monitor all communications.  Make sure your emails are being forwarded to people who can price and submit quotes.  When something comes in on the 29th with a 24- hour turn, you don’t miss it!

Don’t think buyers will still talk?

We have dozens of confirmed introductory or follow-up phone meetings scheduled for September for our clients. We got these because we have been proactive all year, we continue to be proactive, and we will continue to be proactive right up to Monday September 30th.

Need help with your message or getting to the right people?  Call 888-9-GET-isi today!

This is it for 2020!!!

Federal buyers are wrapping up all of the purchases for fiscal year 2020 where at least $1.2 Trillion will be spent by September 30 at 11:59 Pacific Time.  This is what we have been working for all year so if we want to make sure that we finish strong and making sure our buyers remember us what it is most important.

From here on out the timelines will continue to shrink.  What normally takes a month will happen in days…


Shorter bid response times – It is not uncommon to see 48 hour and even 24 hour response times on bids in September.

Invitations to bid – Procurement will not have the luxury of reading 30 responses to weed out the riffraff so they will choose 3 “qualified” vendors.  Now, most of the time, they already know who they want to win and invite a couple of others to be “safe”.

Be Ready- Last minute orders will be released in the wee hours of the morning on 10/1 for most of us.  Last orders will be placed by 11:59 Hawaiian time!

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Aisha has been working exclusively in the federal market space with isiFederal, providing research and finance expertise in addition to being the Business Process Manager and assistant to CEO. She's no stranger to unpredictable, demanding environments--her past work experience includes auditing, teaching English at the Berlitz School of Language, and working for the Grand Hyatt in Dubai.

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