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David Lowe
Dave is the CEO and Founder of isiFederal. Using his extensive sales management experience, he incorporates best in class business practices like targeting your best customer (customer segmentation intelligence), “Top-Down” sales training and sales management. He builds every client’s processes on the principal of doing the right thing for others- all the time. Personal “bests” include booking $11.8 Million in new private and government business in 18 months (from cold calls) and managing sales representatives to close ratios of 85% (in cell phone sales). David is a featured speaker, author and instructor for World News, Department of Veteran Affairs, GSA, Georgetown University, GSA Market Cap, the Christian Professional Network, IEEE, The American Farm Bureau Federation, The Association of Professional Fraternities and other state and national organizations.
Aisha Haleem
Operations Manager
Since 2011, Aisha has been working exclusively in the federal market space with isiFederal and is the backbone of isiFederal’s organizational structure. Aisha provides operational oversight of Market Essentials Intelligence Research, follow-up process, bid monitoring, review and submission, and just about everything else that helps bridge the gap between clients and federal buyers. With extensive experience in office management, Aisha is dedicated to keeping everything on course by overseeing client set-up, timeline and objectives, marketing efforts, call center operations and staff.  She’s no stranger to unpredictable, demanding environments–her past work experience includes auditing, teaching English at the Berlitz School of Language, and working for the Grand Hyatt in Dubai.
Jamey Zell
GSA Development Specialist
Jamey Zell has over 12 years GSA and government contracting experience. He is your first point of contact to discuss your GSA Schedule needs and any other needs to manage your GSA Schedule over the 20 year GSA Schedule’s lifetime.
Jennifer Armstrong
Proposal Development Specialist
Jenny Armstrong has over 10 years in GSA and contract administration experience. She works with you for the initial development of your GSA proposal and is there with you all the way through the process to make sure your GSA Schedule gets awarded as well as registered on GSA eBuy and uploaded on GSA Advantage®!
Chris Wagner
Senior IT Administrator
Chris is responsible for overall isiFederal infrastructure, managing multiple proprietary databases that isiFederal utilizes to mine for winnable opportunities and making stuff work.  Chris has extensive experience in process automation, data cleansing and data manipulation.  If you see data in a report or online, Chris’ fingerprints are on that data.  Working with SQL is second nature and his ability to turn concepts to production quality and repeatable processes enables him to get isiFederal’s ideas into a working, effective environment.


The isiFederal model was developed by David Lowe founder and CEO of isiFederal LLC. Prior to isiFederal, Mr. Lowe was President of Uncommon Results, a Maryland based business consulting firm. As awareness of large federal contracting opportunities increased, so did questions from clients about gaining access to these federal opportunities. It became clear that understanding how to do business with the federal government was important to Uncommon Results clients.

Mr. Lowe’s first introduction to federal opportunities was in 2000 when he worked on several projects in developing contracts for fiber optic cable installation with Network Technologies Group, a Baltimore based contractor. Between 2000 and 2002, Mr. Lowe booked over $12 Million in contracts with prime contract holders and ultimately starting Uncommon Results after the technology bust that decimated WorldCom later in 2002. It wasn’t until March 2007 when GSA announced Networx a $68.2 Billion telecommunications contract, the largest ever established by FAS, that he began reestablishing his connections in the federal government on behalf of NTI, an Uncommon Results client. After reaching out to old friends in the government space, he quickly realized that opportunities did exist, not only with the prime contractors of Networx, but for other clients as well.

In working to develop and utilize contract vehicles for Uncommon Results clients, it was clear that business development for the federal government was something that needed specific focus and the appropriate skill sets to maximize the potential for success. In a meeting with GSA leadership, challenges of businesses who gain a GSA schedule only to loose it in a couple of years because of lack of revenues was discussed at length. The main reason for companies not succeeding in government was clear, no real federal strategy or resources directed to marketing and even less face to face sales. The fact is, the vast majority of businesses were failing unless they dedicated resources that were focused solely on federal government procurement.

Following that meeting, in a brainstorming session with Uncommon Results clients and strategic advisers, the isiFederal model was born. Throughout 2008 and into 2009, a board of advisers was established, the process was honed and the company was established as a separate entity from Uncommon Results, officially launching with the specific objective of:

  • Providing a comprehensive federal business development strategy
  • Creating a bolt on sales process that allows existing company resources to stay on track
  • Developing market intelligence systems to identify people behind the opportunities
  • Establishing contract vehicles like GSA, BPA’s and IDIQ’s
  • Providing qualified personnel for face to face interaction with government decision makers


Now, small and medium business can compete for federal business on par with the larger, more established contractors and integrators. isiFederal has worked diligently to assemble a team uniquely qualified and capable of representing your company to federal government decision makers.


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