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We are nearly half way
through FY2019 and almost every federal agency is behind in spending their
piece of $1.2 Trillion. If you want some, you better be in front of decision
makers in the next 60 days…

Contract research shows
that companies that start marketing in before the end of May win 90% more than
companies that start after June 1. Why?

1) Increased workload

2) Summer Vacations

3) Budget planning (for

What is going to

Every year, as September
approaches, agency heads drill down and look at what they want to do with the
money. Sure, some of that money will get allocated to large projects but there
will be billions spent on last minute, smaller purchases.

When I say smaller, I
mean thousands of $250k – $750k new and re-competed projects. Great money for
small businesses and especially great for GSA schedule holders.

Want some? Move Now! The
fact is your competition has been priming the pump for over 6 months and some
incumbents have been winning these contracts for years.

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About the author: Aisha H.

Aisha has been working exclusively in the federal market space with isiFederal, providing research and finance expertise in addition to being the Business Process Manager and assistant to CEO. She's no stranger to unpredictable, demanding environments--her past work experience includes auditing, teaching English at the Berlitz School of Language, and working for the Grand Hyatt in Dubai.


  1. vaughn murrish

    Hi, is it worth trying to compete if we are based in south Africa?
    we have done USAID contracts in the DRC, MALAWI AND South Africa

    • Dave Lowe

      Thanks Vaughn, your direct federal sales approach in South Africa is challenging. However with some help here in the States, specifically in DC where USAID is headquartered can be a great advantage and provide you with access to key decision makers. Let me know if you would like to discuss further. My direct line is 202-568-6398 and we can set up a web call as well.


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