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bidmang1The fact is, somebody has got to do the research and grunt work to sift through the opportunities for your company and find the ones that matter most. We do it for our team and we can do it for you. Not only do we look for good opportunities, we look into the bids to see if they are baked for your competition. If they are, we will know it and advise you not to spend a whole lot of time on the proposal. We will monitor the results, the pricing and the award to determine if there are challenges that can be made.

If the bid is really open, we are very interested. Immediately our bid review team will supply you with the contact information and technical requirements. We work with you to formulate your response and assemble any specialty consulting firms that may be needed for the response.

QuikFuse is your time saving power tool for GSA e-Buy where you are automatically notified within seconds of GSA e-Buy opportunities that match what you sell.

Automatic monitoring and solicitation downloads without even having to log into GSA e-Buy, saving you tons of time. Never miss another GSA e-buy opportunity again with QuikFuse!

Know Quik / Act Fast / Win More

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To win, your proposal needs to be on time and complete.We can help you review and fill out all the T’s & C’s, acknowledgements, standard forms and amendments signed and dated. We can provide you with the admin support so you meet the deadlines with the complete package.

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Once you decide you want to bid you need to have a great proposal. isiFederal can help you understand the deliverable’s, get answers to important questions, help formulate your response and manage the proposal writers. Your proposals will be complete, dynamic and provide you with ways to differentiate your company in writing.

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