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Holy smokes! If your business is in Maryland and you think you missed the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) boat- think again. A friend of mine forwarded the presentation from the GOVCON presentation last week and the numbers are staggering through 2011 and if you read on, you will see why it doesn’t stop there. You can download the presentation here, and here are some highlights…

Total BRAC MILCON Funding for Maryland $1.8B

  • Aberdeen Proving Ground $579.5M
  • Andrews Air Force Base $52.0M
  • National Naval Medical Center $641.4M
  • Fort Meade $529.5M

This was all planned and funded before the Stimulus. Stimulus funding isn’t hurting the efforts in the region either with over $600 million being awarded to in April alone.

Is this any of this going into your bank account?

It is not too late. Don’t look back at what you should have done two or five years ago, stop watching the action and get in the game NOW. Sure, construction companies that are in the game are reaping a windfall in projects, revenue and profit for Phase I. They will win even more if you stay out as stimulus funds will be flowing through 2013 and regular government spending will continue after that. Remember THIS IS PHASE ONE, there will be MORE.

Message for the Trades…

They will need to maintain, staff, secure and clean these buildings. Contracts are coming over the next two years for all the support trades including landscapers, painters, electricians, plumbers, window washers, security guards and maintenance. Not to mention there are thousands more contracts coming up this year with weak incumbents that your company has a great shot at winning – if you know how to play. Don’t forget about MAC work either, it’s fast pay and if you service it right- recurring business. Many of these jobs never show up on public bid notices so you need to get to know the contracting officers responsible for your services and get in front of them as soon as possible. Read more about knowing your target customer here.

Message to IT & Staffing Companies…

The briefing says “As many as 50 percent of jobs moving to Maryland will be filled by Marylanders” – can you say contractor staffed personnel? Interfaces need to be built, networks need to run, software needs to be bought, installed and maintained, help desks need to be staffed and managed. Billions are spent on bodies all over the world and this is an area where you can grow your regional footprint without leaving the area. How, many decisions for projects originate in DC, you are here and so are a ton of decision makers. There isn’t a better time to get in the game. Check out how SAIC is doing it here.

Message for Suppliers…

The government buys EVERYTHING including pencils and pens, furniture, exercise equipment, phones, calculators, and water hoses. They need wall art, paper, cell phones, filing cabinets, automobiles, logo hats and toilet paper (lots of it). They have green initiatives mandated by the White House OMB (Office of Management and Budget) for light bulbs, power supplies, cleaning supplies and hand towels. Come on, are you going to give out of town competitors free run in Maryland? To see what is happening with Green Initiatives click here.

Shameless plug for No More Excuses…

isiFederal can help you get in the game, know where the money is, who is responsible for spending it and build relationships to get your company positioned for contracts.

It is out there but it won’t just come to you. You have to get in the game and go get it.

Anticipated move in for Aberdeen Phase I is July – December of this year. It takes 6 months to get a GSA schedule so if you don’t have one GET MOVING. If you do, you need us NOW because 80% of GSA schedule holders fail to reach minimum required revenues and lose their contract within two years. Let us help you get smart and strategize to get you positioned for the work. Other companies charge $50,000 a year, you get our intel for a fraction of the cost and for a few dollars more than they charge for intelligence, you get the entire package with feet on the street representation in DC.

We can show you – help you – or do it for you so there are no acceptable excuses for you to stay on the bench. Use us or do it yourself but for the love of keeping the dollars here in Maryland – Stop wishing for yesterday, lace ‘em up and GET IN THE GAME.

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