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Change is in the Air

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January 15th Dan Tangherlini announced that he will be leaving GSA effective February 13, 2014. Denise Turner Roth will assume the responsibility of Acting Administrator as President Obama works to fill the position permanently.

What can we learn from this change?

Exactly that, change is inevitable and we have to learn to live with it. When I saw this I remembered a comment from a former federal CIO (for the life of me I cannot remember his name)

    Ignore change and Die
    Accept change and Survive
    Embrace change and Thrive

There are many changes coming for GSA schedule holders including new FSSI initiatives, professional services combined schedules and even some schedules slated to be dissolved altogether.

Leveraging Change

Anytime there is a change in the internal structure of an organization there are new opportunities created. Think about it… If you have a relationship with Dan Tangherlini and he leaves, that is a problem for you because you will be losing a key relationship. If you didn’t have a relationship with Dan Tangherlini, now you may have a way to develop a relationship with Denise Turner Roth, who will likely stay for several years even if she is not considered for the permanent position.

Planning for Change

Your federal strategy should include developing and nurturing relationships throughout the food chain. This will inevitably establish key areas of influence as lower level folks accept promotions and move up the chain of decision-making. Think about the people who already know Denise Turner Roth… They are now in a great position and have political cover as they pursue larger federal contracts with GSA and other agencies.Join me on January 20th at 11am where I will be hosting the “Drive GSA Sales” webinar series. The topic for 2015 is Disrupting the Current Pattern of Purchasing. Register here: Drive GSA Sales 2015


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If I have talked about sequestration once over the past few days, it has been a hundred times. Everyone–workers, contractors, politicians–is asking what I think is going to happen. Of course, I have no idea. But since I don’t think anyone inside the beltway has the ability to think rationally or use common sense, I simply choose to look past whatever is going to happen and choose to plan for taking market share from those who panic.

I think we can be pretty certain…

  1. The federal government is not going to fold. If that happens, it won’t matter who has what contract anyway.
  2. Spending will happen again.
  3. They will buy what you sell.

So, Plan.

  • Plan to take advantage of companies that don’t plan.
  • Plan to take advantage of companies on the fringe that might not be able to weather a storm.
  • Plan to take advantage of a lull and build relationships with your competitors’ best contacts.


How? Find your competitors contacts and go get them. You know, this concept really shouldn’t change whether business is good or business is bad. It is just extra effective if you keep your head during troubling times when you position yourself as a qualified and ultimately pancake your panicking competitors.

Don’t know who is buying what you sell? Click here for a 4 minute sample of how you can find out.

Market Essentials Overview Video

Federal Marketing Essentials – SAMPLE

STEALTH Tactical Intelligence – SAMPLE EXCEL

Now, this is a different approach than a bid database because it revolves around people instead of opportunities. If you know who the people are, then you proactively go after those buyers and PMs as you would any strategic account. Check out how you can find the projects in your sweet spot.

Federal Construction News

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Last week was no April fools. In the first 5 days of the month, 368 contracts were awarded in 47 states for a total of $414,815,821.60 – all under ONE construction NAICS classification 236220.

That is one amazing week.

It was lead by the release of Recovery Act Stimulus funds – but that isn’t the whole story…


  • $107M went to Tocci/Driscoll Joint Venture with design services provided by Klingstubbins. The project is the Peter W. Rodino Federal Building in Newark, NJ and was a GSA executed contract spending Recovery Act dollars. That same GSA contracting officer is responsible for 318 construction contracts since he started in 2004.
  • $55 M went to Grundley Construction out of Maryland for 12 different contracts ranging from $196k to $37M.
  • 320 were less than $1M, 236 were less than $100k and eligible for Small Business Set Aside.
  • 208 of these contracts never hit the street for public bidding opportunity.

More Recovery Act projects are scheduled to be released over the next two years in every region – on top of all the construction projects in the planning stages through 2015. There couldn’t be a better time to get in and expand your presence.

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Happy New Year!!!

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And it is indeed a happy new year for federal contractors who were positioned to pounce on “Use it or Lose it” spending. While weexecuted a last minute proposal for $525k that was chump change in the grand scheme of things.

In fact, 49,199 contracts were awarded in the last 10 days for $6,452,379,288.03 and we still have until 11:59pm. With an average of $131,148.59 per contract, there more than are a few party poppers going off right now. The best part is many of these contracts are only partially funded, that means even more funds coming on these fine wins over the next few months.

FY2011 is looking like another banner year for federal contracting with significant opportunity in construction, facilities management, Information Technology, cloud computing and security. Other areas that will be gaining steam are telecom, furniture and supply.

Hot Initiatives for 2011

Green- LEEDs certification, energy savings and alternative energy sources will be huge in 2011. Read GSA announcement here. If you haven’t embraced green technologies, you had better get on board. Make sure your GSA schedule is up to date with new technologies.

Emergency Response- With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 approaching, hurricanes, blizzards and earthquakes, emergency response and preparation will be a key focus of expenditures in 2011. Make sure you have registered with FEMA’s contracting registry, click here https://www.fema.gov/doing-business-fema.

In-sourcing- The pendulum has swung firmly into government labor growth. That means anything to do with people in buildings is growing. Staffing agencies, furniture, phones, computers, software, security and office supplies are going to increase significantly in 2011.

Sole Source Contract Spending Drops

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According to John Hutton the Director of Director of Acquisition and Sourcing at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) Federal spending for non-competed contracts dropped from 36% to 31% since 2005. Historically, sole source contracts have been linked to defense-related purchases based on specific requirements; GAO estimates that approximately 13% contracts government-wide are sole source contracts. isiFederal intelligence supports those statistics, but there is more to the story.

Smaller Percentage, Bigger Money

Looking more closely at the numbers, the dollar values are far more impressive with Singe Offer Received (SOR) contracts and it is across the board. Through intelligence research for hand tools we found 39% of those purchases sole sourced for $8.5M- most of them military. SOR contracts were only 7% but the dollar value was $86.8M nearly 67% of the total tool purchases.

Research for utility construction was sole sourced at a rate of less than 1% but SOR contracts garnered 64% of total contracts for $164M – that is 48% of all utility construction awards. Marketing and Advertising services intelligence revealed similar numbers with $1.2B in spending with 50% of all contracts having one response. How about logistics, 33% SOR, 82% had 4 bidders or less.

How can you develop sole source and single response contracts?

It comes down to relationships with buyers.

Source: Govloop.com and isiFederal Intelligence
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