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The CEO’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing–for Federal Business

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"Going for Gold": Winning Business with the Federal GovernmentisiFederal CEO David Lowe‘s upcoming digital handbook “Going for Gold: Winning Business with the Government” is a brief guide to the ins and outs of federal business that condenses years’ worth of federal contracting knowledge into a short booklet–perfect to read between meetings, so you can get you up to speed on how things really work in the federal market while you plan your next business move.

The government wants companies who understand their internal processes and have experience in the way that their agency operates. So…you can’t win because you have no experience and you can’t get experience because you can’t win.
Welcome to the federal contracting world.
” –excerpt

Slated for release via the isiFederal website on March 14 2014 and written with the small- and medium-business owner in mind, the handbook begins by providing an overview of the federal procurement process. It busts commonly held myths–no, the government is not just looking for the lowest price in the market–and also doles out a dose of reality: as many as 90% of federal contractors (including 80% of GSA Schedule holders) fail because they make crucial business process mistakes that cost them heavily in the long-run.

This should be alarming news for any American, since a New York Times article revealed that 94% of large-scale federal IT projects in the past 10 years failed at the expense of taxpayers, but for a federal contractor it also means the difference between banking a million dollars–or filing for bankruptcy.

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FREE Handbook Download – Doing Business with the Federal Government

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Dave Lowe, Founder and CEO of isiFederal reviews what it takes to create and maintain a successful federal strategy.

  • Insight on how business is done in Washington DC
  • Why 90% of companies fail
  • What we can learn from the successful contractors
  • Steps to a Successful Federal Strategy
  • Links and Resources

While there is no secret sauce, there are specific areas that cause entrepreneurs to fail.

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