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September, 30 2013 is a Monday and at 11:59PM Hawaiian time, the last order against the 2013 budget will be placed. Why are we talking about this now? Because if you are not positioning yourself for this day right now, you will miss out.

You need to have your company in front of key decision makers regularly (that means at least once a month) from now until the end of September if you want a shot at new opportunities. Don’t believe the hype either, there will be spending and if the trending stays consistent with past years, this year will be another record breaker.

How is that with sequestration? Think about it. The feds have all be guarding their budget spending for the past 5 months. Spending has been down significantly and even with the cuts, they will have to make up ground as we get further through the year. This is why positioning your company with new buyers is so critical to your federal success.

What you can do right now…

1)      Get Smart about your market.  isiFederal’s Federal Marketing Essentials package provides you with what you need to know where your market is and who is buying what you sell.

2)      Develop a strategy around your market.

  1. Prioritize your approach based on your Marketing essentials.
  2. Dedicate resources for pursuit
  3. Identify gaps
  4. Budget for success

3)      Go Get It. Get your message out to the people responsible for buying what you sell using our LIMRIC™ Process.

Leverage relationships

Influence the decision making process

Monitor for Winnable opportunities


Improve your response

Capture WINS!


isiFederal can help you start or grow your federal business.  Call 888-9-GET-isi now so you can capture business this September!

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About the author: David Lowe

Dave works with companies by incorporating best-in-class business practices like targeting your best customer (customer segmentation intelligence), “Top-Down” sales training and sales management. He builds his practice on the principle of doing the right thing for others--all the time. Personal “bests” include booking $11.8 Million in new private and government business in 18 months (from cold calls) and managing sales representatives to close ratios of 85% (in cell phone sales).

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