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Are you a contractor that can provide disaster relief services? FEMA wants to know about you so make sure you visit [Link Updated: Doing Business with FEMA] and follow the instructions to register your company. If you provide Debris Removal you can register with the Debris Removal Contractor Registry .

Registering your company is important because FEMA responds to emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural and man made disasters. If your company is known before the event happens, you will be in position to jump on an opportunity when the federal government is called on for disaster relief.

When Hurricane Katrina hit, the government was scrambling to find the resources to manage relief, demolition and recovery efforts. To this day, DHS is still responsible for millions in expenditures for reconstruction efforts in New Orleans and other areas affected by Katrina. Click here for details.

Additionally, FEMA is an agency just like other agencies. They buy everything so no matter what your company sells, FEMA probably buys what you provide. FEMA's published opportunities can be found at New and Existing but don't stop there. FEMA is a DHS agency so there are many opportunities within DHS for you as well. Visit for details on doing business with DHS where you will find a link to the DHS forecast for DHS and all the sub agencies. Remember, only 1/3 of the opportunities hit these lists of Fed Biz Ops, that means about 2/3 of all procurement needs are met without any announcement through existing vehicles established by building relationships, GSA schedules, BPA’s, IDIQ’s or set-asides. For more information on building relationships with the federal government and additional resources, contact isiFederal at 888-9-GET-isi.

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