Do’s and Don’ts of the 2018 Shutdown

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Don’t Target Affected Agencies

The shutdown affects each agency differently. GovExec
published a handy chart to show which agencies are most affects by the
shutdown.  In most instances, procurement
and contractors are affected at the same rate. This means you probably won’t be
able to make any headway with these agencies during the shutdown.

Do Pursue Other Avenues

If your core business is in one of the largely
affected agencies (like National Park Service), Now is a great time to market
to other agencies that could be buying from you. One of the best ways to find
these agencies is isiFederal Market
Essentials intelligence research
. This intel will give you a clear
view of what your competition is winning, where and most importantly who is

Don’t Panic

Don’t let the politics of the shutdown get in
the way of your federal strategy. Whether you love or hate what is happening in
DC, at the end of the day, money is going to be flowing with huge implications
this September.

Do Prepare for Life After Shutdown

Getting to decision makers is still your best avenue to success
and you can be getting prepared right now to get in front of key decision
makers (see the next article). So, who needs to know about you after the
shutdown?That depends on what you
sell but in most instances there are 3 or key decision makers in each
opportunity including:

Contracting Officers – Job is to procure
and work out the contractual details.

Project Managers – Responsible for
assembling requirements and defining required capabilities.

Technical Representatives – Responsible for
bridging the gap with requirements and contracting.

Join me for Getting
Ahead of RFPs 2018
to help differentiate
your company and win in 2019!

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