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Is it really worth pursuing federal business?
You make the call… The federal government spends hundreds of Billions of dollars every year on goods and services with Millions spent within your geographic footprint on the exactly what you provide.  Someone is putting the profits from that work into a bank account that isn’t yours.  The cool thing is we can tell you whether it does make sense with an initial market analysis.
I have heard the government is slow pay, is that true?
It doesn’t have to be. isiFederal will help you incorporate favorable payment processes into your contracting vehicle. That can include discounts for early payment which, in most instances, the contracting office will take advantage of.
Aren’t margins tight on government work?
In typical GSA contract negotiations, you are required to give the federal government a discount off your offerings to the private sector – and adjust your pricing to always be less for government. Your isiFederal Contracting Specialist will work closely with you to help you maintain your margins–after all, it isn’t in the government’s interest to put you out of business.
What are the costs associated with a federal strategy?
Normally a company that is serious about developing a federal strategy should expect to commit at least $150,000 and probably closer to $250,000 per year. The isiFederal Turn-Key model costs less than half of that and while we work to make your isiFederal strategy turn-key, there are internal resources that will need to be allocated and other expenses. Additional costs include proposal development, travel, marketing materials and special consultants. Whether you use isiFederal or not, if you want this to work, you must be willing to commit the resources.
Are there minimum requirements?
GSA requires that you be in business for one year for product sales and two years for services. You must have at least two completed projects within the last two years and had gross sales of at least $100,000. You must be able to furnish at least 6 references and have organized, verifiable financial records.
How long before I start seeing results?
This is here most entrepreneurs’ expectations get tested… It is best to focus your monetary return to at least 18 months. This is a long term process and one of the most challenging problems for successful entrepreneurs.  Entering the federal government is like taking your company to Japan and setting up shop.  You need to understand the culture and processes and build relationships.  Even with isiFederal, it is going to be a long haul experience.  Within 18 months you should see federal revenues begin to materialize. That being said, you will start seeing results from your isiFederal team immediately as we jump into the process of developing your contract vehicle and marketing material. You will be in communication with your team regularly throughout the process and they are responsible for giving you status updates when you want them.
Where can I learn more about the federal market before I decide?
Great question! isiFederal‘s Youtube channel is filled with vital information like news, tips, and market trends analysis; if you’re more of a reader, our blog is worth following too. You can also sign up for our free “Friends of the Firm” monthly newsletter or download your copy of our handbook “Doing Business with the Federal Government”. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask Dave Lowe directly!
We already have a GSA Schedule, isn’t that enough?
If it was, you probably wouldn’t be reading this FAQ. 80% of GSA schedule holders lose their contract after two years for not meeting minimum revenue requirements- of $25,000.  Considering the investment you have already made in your GSA schedule, don’t you think it makes sense to get in front of the people buying your services?  The isiFederal Turn-Key model provides you with real people who meet face to face with federal government decision makers.
We tried selling to the government before, do you think I’m nuts?
You would be nuts if you wanted to just give up and let your competition garner all the federal opportunities. You tried it once, let’s take a look at what happened and see if the isiFederal model provides you a better chance for success this time around. We can probably guess that you either thought a GSA schedule would make the phone ring, tried a “test the waters approach” or hired someone who couldn’t deliver and didn’t figure that out until you spent a year in salary. We think it probably does since it is a comprehensive approach that minimizes your risk while maximizing exposure.
We lost our GSA schedule because of poor performance, can you get me another one?
Probably. We have great relationships with GSA folks. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do. We can also explore BPA’s, other contract vehicles and teaming agreements to start to show a positive trend.
Can I access set-asides and does it matter?
Most likely, and yes sometimes it does matter- a lot. It ultimately depends on who owns, and runs your organization as well as the average of the last 3 years of revenues. Your isiFederal Contract Specialist will help you determine the most beneficial classification for your business. There are many advantages to properly utilizing your Small Business, 8a status, Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran or other classification.
Do you help prepare government oriented marketing materials?
Absolutely. Your isiFederal team will review your existing materials and work with you to create government centric materials. This includes working together with you for content development and creation of your Core Capabilities Statement. You can use the copy created to have professionally produced marketing material for talking points and leave behind. If you need printing, website or creative services, your Administrative Coordinator can refer you to resources that are available to you at a reduced rate.
How is isiFederal different?
The isiFederal model provides you with real people who meet face to face with federal government decision makers. There are plenty of ways to spend money on databases, lead sources, marketing, web sites and a myriad of other resources that do work on several levels. Nothing takes the place of face to face meetings and that is what isiFederal is all about.
Does isiFederal provide proposal development?
Great question. The short answer is we assist in proposal development. That means we work with you to prepare proposals. Some bids are complex that require significant technical proposal work. In those instances, we usually recommend tapping into the expertise of one of our partners that specialize in proposal development.
What about government trade shows and conventions?
isiFederal often participates in trade shows and conventions where key decision makers are involved in the event. If it makes sense to be there specifically for your company, we will work with you to figure a cost effective way to participate.
How do I get started?
Call 888-6-GET-isi (888-943-8474) and you will be on your way to positioning your company for federal business.

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