Get off the Bench

Getting in the Game

As a result of immense investment, nearly a decade of systems
development, and sheer determination to win, isiFederal has
achieved goals that I didn’t even know existed 9 1/2 years ago. Early on I
stopped chasing bids and started chasing the people behind the bids and it has
proven to be the most important decision I ever made. After nearly a decade
here is what isiFederal has done:


  • Over 4 Million Contacts
  • 1.2 Million Federal
  • 60,000+ Federal Buyers
  • 380,000+ Prime Contacts


  • GovBrief
  • Introduction/Capabilities
  • Unsolicited Proposal
  • Pilot & Proof of Concept
  • White Paper


  • $580M+ Direct and
    Indirect Sales
  • New Relationship
  • Repeated Success


The federal government will spend over $400B in the next 7
months – guaranteed. Most of this spending will happen July – September so now
is the time to lace ‘em up, get on the court and get in the game.

federal contracts will:

  • Diversify your company
  • Stabilize your revenue
  • Increase your company’s value

If you are new to the game, struggling or just want to WIN…
the right partner. We will map out the game plan, draw out the plays and get on
the court with you so we can WIN.

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About the author: Aisha H.

Aisha has been working exclusively in the federal market space with isiFederal, providing research and finance expertise in addition to being the Business Process Manager and assistant to CEO. She's no stranger to unpredictable, demanding environments--her past work experience includes auditing, teaching English at the Berlitz School of Language, and working for the Grand Hyatt in Dubai.

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