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Doing business with the federal government requires a contract vehicle. There are many types of federal contracting vehicles for may purposes. For examples of different types of vehicles, visit our friends at SAIC.

GSA (General Services Administration) assists with procurement work for other government agencies. As part of this effort, it maintains the large GSA Schedule, which other agencies can use to buy goods and services. The GSA Schedule can be thought of as a collection of pre-negotiated contracts. Procurement managers from government agencies can view these agreements and make purchases from the GSA Schedule knowing that all legal obligations have been taken care of by GSA. This makes purchasing easier for contracting officers and is in line with the streamlining efforts put forth by the Whitehouse.

Schedule development is a time consuming task. Visit GSA for more information. The concept behind the GSA schedule is to find products and services, negotiate best pricing and provide the resource to “customers” (agencies) in the federal government.

isiFederal will assist you in developing your schedule and more importantly, negotiating with GSA to maximize your profitability. Click to download a list of GSA Schedules.

This process takes approximately 6 months to accomplish and we guarantee to work until you get on a schedule. Pricing for schedule development varies by product and service offerings. While the GSA schedule development is part of the isiFederal Turn-Key Business Development process, at the minimum we recommend that you perform a primary cometitive analysis before entering into the GSA process to get an understanding of which of your competitors is winning and why.

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