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Additional GSA Schedule(s)

Revisions to your existing GSA Schedule(s)

Maintenance for your existing GSA Schedule(s)

GSA eBuy Registration and Optimization



Need another GSA Schedule? For $4495 our business partner GSA Logic does the grunt work of preparing your GSA Schedule application, assembling the documents, package it the way GSA likes to see it and send your proposal electronically to GSA. Then we work with you and the GSA PCO (Purchasing Contract Officer) during the clarification and negotiating phase till the PCO is satisfied and your GSA Schedule is awarded. After your GSA Schedule award we upload your offering to GSA Advantage and register you on GSA eBuy.

14+ Years Experience
Guaranteed Schedule Award
100% Track Record

-GSA Revisions
For your GSA Schedule to work, you need it to be Current, Correct and Up-to-date.
Add new products and services, remove old products.
Adjust pricing to keep your GSA Schedule profitable.
Add additional Special Item Numbers – SIN Codes to enhance your GSA offering
Take advantage of Economic Price Adjustments or EPA available to all GSA Schedule holders once a year.

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 GSA Schedule Maintenance

Let us handle your quarterly reporting and all your GSA Mass Mods.Free up your time and keep your focus on selling with your GSA Schedule.

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 -GSA eBuy registration and optimization
Make sure you take advantage of GSA eBuy to get more sales with your GSA Schedule.

Let us handle your registration and optimize your offering for best sales results.

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Meet your GSA Team

Jamey Zell
Director of GSA Services
Jamey Zell has over 14+ years GSA and government contracting experience. He is your first point of contact to discuss your GSA Schedule needs and any other needs to manage your GSA Schedule over the 20 year GSA Schedule’s lifetime.

Feel free to contact Jamey for any GSA Schedule questions. If it’s a new GSA Schedule or if you have an existing GSA Schedule that needs changes or updating, Jamey can help you with your GSA Schedule needs.

  • 937-602-8930

Jenny Armstrong
Senior GSA Contract Specialist
Jenny Armstrong has over 14+ years in GSA and contract administration experience. She works with you for the initial development of your GSA proposal and is there with you all the way through the process to make sure your GSA Schedule gets awarded as well as registered on GSA eBuy and uploaded on GSA Advantage®!

Jenny is experienced, friendly, easy to work with and makes sure that we get your GSA Contract awarded.

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