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Fact 1: People buy from people they like.

Fact 2: They cant like you if they don’t know you. 

Fact 3: Our job is to get them to KNOW & LIKE you.

isiFederal will help you:

Be Top of Mind

isiFederal will help you build an execute a professional, proactive and persistent market strategy that gets you in front of the right people and keeps you there so they remember who you are when they need what you do.

Build Your Federal Brand

Because we understand and work with federal buyers every day, we know what motivates them.  We can get your message out to the people who matter most.
Market Essentials – gives you key decision makers with both budget and need.

Become the Go-To Resource

Most federal opportunities are competed between 5 or less competitors. By effectively reaching key decision makers and showing them you are the industry expert, you can break into that inner circle of minimized competition.

Get ahead of the RFP

By reaching key decision makers BEFORE an opportunity hits the street, you can provide valuable insight that guides the procurement to the highest qualified resource – you.


GovBrief provides a professional platform for communicating directly with key stakeholders using an educationally based, step-by-step platform.  Whether you are with government or industry, you can get your message directly to the people that matter most using a clear, concise GovBrief exclusive process.  Focusing on key government initiatives, regulations and standards, GovBrief presents you as the subject matter expert with the information relevant to key decision makers in government programs, contracting and industry.

Get proactive and stop letting your competition steal business from you!

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What Happens Next...

You will be contacted by the isiFederal team to review your request, create your program, collect your payment information and get your federal marketing plan moving!  For immediate assistance, please call 888-943-8474.

Your order includes access to Monday Morning Roundtable sessions to assist in tactics for developing relationships with your top targets.  You will receive an email with login instructions.

We look forward to working with you!

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