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The federal government has increased P-Card (Government Credit Card) purchases to $10,000 for most purchases. P-Cards make it easy for agencies to buy from you because the paperwork is simple and, in most cases, they can buy without a contractual obligation. Certainly, having a GSA contract (or schedule) helps validate your offering so if you have a GSA contract with products, make sure you are proactively marketing to P-Card holders. 

With approximately 200,000 P-Card holders, you can expect every agency to spend millions using these cards. Some agencies like USAID can spend up to $20,000 in the US and $30,000 outside the US.

You might want to check and make sure that you have the best rates on your credit card processing. Some companies offer rates as low as 1.5% for government P-Cards because the government is a low risk sale. GovBrief will be conducting a Procurement Briefing to review P-Card practices, identify thousands of P-Card holders. Here is a link to the session:

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