MythBusters- FedBizOps

Mythbuster: FedBizOps

Myth: Is the best place to find new opportunities really FedBizOps? If you go there right now you will find around 38,400 opportunities. Huge, right? Look closer… those 38,400 are categorized in one of the following: Presolicitation, Combines Synopsis Solicitation, Sources Sought, Modification, Sale of Surplus Property, Notice, Foreign Government Standard, Award Notice, Justification and Approval, Intent to Bundle Requirements.

If you search all opportunities in the past 365 days, you will see that only 60,699 actually were posted. If 60,699 is the annual total it must mean that a huge portion of the 38,400 are not even real opportunities. That isn’t all… When you consider some were not awarded at all and about 50% of RFP’s are so heavily influenced by industry (winnable only by the contractor who assisted in writing the scope), that leaves about 2,000 – 2,500 opportunities per month – Nationwide. That is why FedBizOps is a competitive nightmare and why most companies think there is too much competition.

Last year according to isiFederal Intelligence research, 2,718,964 contracts were awarded last year with 226,000 contracts being executed every single month (now that is more like it). That means only about 1% of real opportunities actually hit the street on FedBizOps.

FedBizOps Myth… BUSTED.

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