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Market Essentials Intelligence                                                                                  

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  • Identify Purchasing Agencies currently using similar products and services
  • Identify “Feeder” Industries and Agencies that buy those products and services
  • Research & Identify federal buyers responsible for purchase (e-mail, phone, address, total sales and total contracts)
  • Report of total contracts won by primary competitors
  • Competitive analysis of primary competitors
    • Purchasing patterns
      • Timing
      • NAICS/PSC
    • Contacts
  • Identify Top Purchasing Agencies
  • Identify Top Contracting Offices
  • Identify Top NAICS & PSC
  • Recommended action steps
  • 1 Year Monday Roundtable Session Membership
  • Data file created for import into CRM system




The first step is to get smart about your market so you know where the money is and who is spending it.  isiFederal Intelligence provides your company with a comprehensive understanding of where your products and services are being utilized within the federal government, who is spending the money and the competitors that are winning the business. isiFederal’s Contact and Competition Intelligence provides the following information in a concise, manageable report with electronic data that can be utilized with your CRM.

Market Essentials Benefits

isiFederal intelligence provides your company with a high value, high probability target landscape specific to your market- throughout the federal government (not just in the popular agencies). This process is essential to your strategy so that all proactive energies can be focused on the agencies and contacts within those agencies that are spending the money. Every strategic contact will be responsible for spending thousands and often millions of dollars on requirements that your company can provide. The best part is, we can find the key people that fit your sweet spot.  Once we understand their buying processes and patterns, we can establish a marketing strategy to influence the decision makers by shaping the scope and specifications. A valuable byproduct of any intelligence is being able to identify potential teaming partners, other contractors and prime contract holders.

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