Secret Agencies

Secret Agencies

We are not talking about NSA, CIA or any other spy agencies, we are talking about unknown agencies would drive right past their office and not know they were there. I should know, I have driven past a few of them for years in DC.

Bureau of Reclamation $1.1B

US Marshal Service $1.1B

USGS (Geological Survey) $1.1B

CNCS (Corporation for National Community Service) $1.2B

GPO (Government Printing Office) $1B

Many of these obscure agencies have contracting officers with budgets that rival fortune 500 companies. Guess what… if you don’t know who they are, chances are your competitors don’t either. Most of these smaller agencies also have more modest purchases. This helps keep their purchasing underneath the major federal contractors’ radar and also can make it more manageable for you. In almost all cases, these smaller agency contracting officers not hounded by hundreds of sales people either which makes them very willing to talk. Click USA.GOV for a list of hundreds of agencies.

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