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What will happen in…

Every year September contract volume goes up 200 – 1200% over monthly average depending on the industry. This leads to several key advantages for the companies that have been marketing, following up and are prepared for the influx of RFP’s, BPA calls, quotes and task order requests. The reason we work so hard for so long in preparation of September is because just about every normal dynamic of federal business gets thrown out the window in the last 3 weeks of September.

Use it or Lose it Spending

Federal agencies have to spend ever dime of their budget.  This affects this year and next year’s budget.

Shorter response times

It is not uncommon to see 48 hour turn around on quotes and RFP’s.

Invitation to Bid

Federal buyers look for the people they know, like and trust.

Minimized Competition

Most contracts are competed between 3 or less competitors. Often the buyer

Negotiated Contracts

If the agency only has $750k to spend and they want to spend it on part of the project, you can negotiate and even incorporate time and materials on what would normally be a lump sum project. 

Increased Profitability

In most instances your competition will not have the heads up that you do.  This means they won’t have the resources or time to turn around a winning proposal.

Want to learn more about who is buying what you sell in September?  Download “Going for Gold” and also check out Market Essentials.  We will find who is buying what you sell!

Federal 4th Quarter Stats

80% of winnable new project contracts are awarded

80% of winnable re-competed contracts are awarded

35% of the budget is spent

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