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Because isiFederal provides a Turn-Key Business Development solution for small & medium size businesses, we have all the components you need to augment your federal strategy.

Whether isiFederal is doing the whole job and plugging into your existing commercial sales force, or you need a component of our services to round out your existing BD strategy, we can help.

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Market Intelligence


isiFederal’s Market Essentials intelligence report gives you the lay of the land, telling you exactly where your biggest buyers are and who they’re buying from. Learn your competitors’ weaknesses and find out how to cover your own. Put together an action plan you can work on instantly.

DC Representation

isiFederal puts qualified, experienced people in front of contracting officers and decision makers.  That means  a team supporting your dedicated rep carrying your  products and services everywhere we go.

Marketing/Federal Strategy Development

Once you have an understanding of where the money is and who is spending it, isiFederal can help you through the process of establishing your plan for gaining access to those opportunities.

GSA Schedule Development

The concept behind the GSA schedule is to find products and services, negotiate best pricing and provide the resource to “customers” (agencies) in the federal government. isiFederal will assist you in developing your schedule and more importantly, negotiating with GSA to maximize your profitability.


Bid Tracking & Proposal Management

isiFederal looks for good opportunities–and checks bids to see if they are baked for your competition. If they are, we save you the time and expense of working on a proposal. We monitor results, pricing and the award to determine if there are challenges that can be made.

LIMRIC Process

LIMRIC™ Process

LIMRIC™ is the process of business development created by David Lowe, CEO and Founder of isiFederal. It is founded on the fact that People buy from people they like. They can’t like you if they don’t know you and the isiFederal LIMRIC™ process gets you there.

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