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LIMRIC™ is the process of business development created by David Lowe, CEO and Founder of isiFederal. It is founded on the fact that People buy from people they like. They can’t like you if they don’t know you and the isiFederal LIMRIC™ process gets you there.

LIMRIC Process

Leverage Relationships

Everyone knows someone, who knows someone etc, etc. It’s the Kevin Bacon game or “Six Degree’s of Separation” of connecting the dots. Sometimes it is top-down, other times it is peer-to-peer that works, often times it is combinations of both with multiple contacts creating the necessary interest. Ultimately it is about organizing the effort with the resources at hand, always knowing that it is possible to reach the person who is important to you.

Influence Decision Making Process

Program Managers, Contracting Officers and Contracting Officer Technical Representatives are constantly looking for information to help them define their specifications and scopes. Where do you think that information comes from? It comes from the private sector and the people who provide the services. If you are not the one influencing the process, then someone else is.

Monitor and Filter Opportunities

At any given time there are 30,000 or so opportunities surfacing on Fed Biz Ops and another 60,000 or so opportunities that are negotiated in some form or fashion. Add that to the tens of thousands micro purchases happening every day and you have a serious volume problem. How do you find the right opportunities without killing your estimating team? We know what to look for, we examine the opportunity to confirm it fits your capabilities and we research the competition to see if it is already baked (see influence above), and we make recommendations on how to proceed.

Respond to Opportunities

If we are effective with L & I properly, you will be looking at opportunities that you helped mold (best case) and doing M properly finds opportunities that are a great fit for your organization. Even so Someone has to take the point and make sure the process gets done, meets requirements, with the best information and delivered on time. We help craft questions that can help determine win-ability and possibly even minimize the competition by affecting the scope.

Improve Our Submissions and Our Positions

Prepare yourself for the fact that you will lose -but that doesn’t mean you have to fail. We help you keep your head in the game stay focused and stay the course. By conducting formal debriefs and listening to the contracting officer’s advice, we hone our responses by understanding what was missing or misunderstood. There is nothing better than having a half hour with a competent Contracting Officer to get their take on your proposal.

Capture Wins.

This is what the LIMRIC™ process is all about- Expanding your business in the federal space. The better we get, the more we win.

There are no silver bullets out there, it takes hard work and perserverence to win contracts in the federal space. If you would like more information on how to implement the LIMRIC™ process in your organization, call us at 888-9-GET-isi.

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