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The Federal Government is buying what your company sells right now.

isiFederal is your resource for federal sales development and winning federal business. While isiFederal is about providing a Turn-Key Business Development strategy for your company, we also can provide components that augment your current federal strategy.  If you want to enter the federal market – you have come to the right place.

isiFederal provides all components of a successful business development strategy including:

How much of your tax dollars are going into your competitor's bank account?

That's right.  Your tax dollars are being spent on products and services that your competition sells- and you are supporting that effort.    We can help you even the score by finding, targeting, building relationships and winning business with the same people your competitors are selling to right now.

If you don't have a GSA Schedule – Great!

The isiFederal team can help you get a GSA Schedule if you need one.  While that is the fastest way to enter the market, it isn't the only way to do business with the government.  We can help you develop the contract vehicles that make the most sense for you.

If you have a GSA Schedule – Great!

If you have a GSA schedule, chances are you have come to realize that your Schedule doesn't make money fall from the sky.  That is why isiFederal exists.  People buy from people they like.  They can't like you if they don't know who you are. We have and build the relationships so people will like you and buy from you.

If it were fast, easy and cheap, everyone would be doing it.

Are You Ready?

Chances are you have been in business for a while.  You understand how to deliver your products and services and make a profit.  That being said, 80% of companies fail and spend tens of thousands failing.  isiFederal has a free, no-obligation survey that you can take to see if you are really ready to enter the federal market. It's free and we might just save you $50,000 by helping you stay out.  If you decide to get it in, we can save you up to $75,000 when you decide to use isiFederal.

Call us today at 888-9-GET-isi and discover the benefits of putting isiFederal to work for you.

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