Your Federal Strategy

Once you have an understanding of where the money is and who is spending it, you can go through the process of establishing your plan for gaining access to those opportunities. Here are the primary components of a working federal plan…

  • Dedicate the internal resources to deal exclusively with the government sector

In order for your federal strategy to work, you will need to apply resources to the effort. It usually doesn’t work to have someone on your team pulled between commercial and federal opportunities. Human nature is that people gravitate toward what they know. So, if your rep doesn’t know and appreciate government procurement, they will gravitate back to commercial work every time. Another reason why companies fail in the federal sector is they take an average (or below average) rep and apply them to their federal pursuit. This increases the likelihood of failure for obvious reasons. First, it never makes sense to take a good rep off making money for your company.

  • Create (and fund) your budget for marketing.

There are many companies, databases, marketing books and search engines that claim they drive sales through a listing – not usually. Most people prefer to buy a product or service from someone you have met and like and rarely choose a point and click source – even for commoditized products or services.

  • Create Government Centric Marketing Materials.

This is critical and important for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that procurement folks use your marketing information to determine if you know how to do business with them. If your materials are full of “business terms” like “customers”, “profit”, “savings”, “bottom line” etc., you are likely to be rejected.

  • Develop Capabilities Statement.

A big part of your marketing will be a concise capabilities statement that clearly shows your contract vehicles, core competencies, past performance and reference projects. It is always good to have a working document that can be maintained and edited based on the audience.

  • Develop a One Page Slick

From the information on your capabilities statement, it is important to have a condensed one page version that provides an overview that is easy to read and understand.

  • Get Smart About Your Target Market

The federal government is huge. Before you take a step in any direction, take a look at each agency that you are interested in working with and segment that market for “best possible customer.” This will decrease your sales cycle time and increase your likelihood of success.

  • Create, assign or hire your Federal Sales manager/VP and assign resources

Someone has to manage your federal strategy. While your VP of sales/Sales Manager should be in the loop, he or she will be just like a sales rep and gravitate towards what they know and what is easy.

Did we mention that Federal Strategy Development is included in the isiFederal Turn-Key Business Development solution?

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